Cloudy Picnic

Cloudy Picnic

On a cloudy picnic I did bring my bride

The food tastes better here, she insists, than it would inside

Clouds look better window-in I turned and muttered snide

My sweet love laid the cloth among the dewy blades

Her spot below a tree, for shade under cloudy shade

There was static in the air, not of love but of lightning

And as expected from above, the rain came down to spite me

I sipped a bit of champagne, as she suggested try it

When I offered fro, she claimed she was on a diet

Angrily I finished, when I felt the touch of my lover

She smiled “I’m pregnant” as the rain broke through canopy’s cover

Damp and wet I jumped up, to a lightning’s light

Declaring this the happiest picnic of my life


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