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Terminator: Salvation

Posted in Review on May 31, 2009 by vegabro

Machines are for use. All they have ever been good for is using, like a vacuum or a toaster. That’s all they have ever been for man and ironically thats all they ever will be in the future for themselves.

There is nothing special about a toaster. Why? Because there are millions of other toasters in the world that do the exact same thing and have the same exact use. The same is true for the Terminator world. Machines sacrifice machines for their cause because that is their use. And there is nothing special about any one machine as they are all connected together as one, which is referenced in a line from the film. Humans are not all networked. All humans are special and all humans shouldn’t and don’t sacrifice humans for a cause. For example at the beginning of the film, John Connor was the only man left after his group had been ambushed and the resistance sent a group to save him, one man, because he is special. THAT is an act of humanity.

As it turns out, the signal that kills machines was created by the machines to find the base to the resistance. But in the process some machines were destroyed. It didnt matter to them. But when the resistance was faced with the same situation, the resistance WAS very robotic. The general was acting very machine-like in that he did not see the prisoners as human, but a sacrifice for a cause and that was how he is wrong and died along with the rest of the machines. John Connor made sure to save his fellow men instead of sacrificing them as collateral damage for his cause. What makes us human is that we don’t sacrifice our own. We don’t simply use them like John Connor USED that motorcycle bot to his own means. We save human’s because they are special. And THAT is what the end is saying: Marcus Wright learns that he is a machine in body and that he should be used for the resistances cause, but in mind (or ugh…heart) he is a man who sacrifices himself to save John Connor.

And because every human is special and can make rebellious choices against higher authority, or programming if you will; to be more than simply used, that is our Salvation against this war on an infinitely more powerful and outnumbering enemy as the machines are.